Current state of the development

Dataspecer is still an experimental software, meaning that only the core functionality is implemented, whether the advanced features are still highly unstable. Therefore, using the tool in a production environment can be an obstacle. Below is a table of main features we would like to implement into the Dataspecer in the future.

The table below shows our goals. ✅ is done or almost done, ⚒ is that the feature is being worked on, and ❌ is that the feature is only planned.

Core features

Designing a basic schema, using inheritance and schema reuse
Import of already existing specifications
Data transformations between schemasOnly through RDF
Schemas with OR and including subschemas
Allowing choice on schema levels, such as person or animal.
Support for SOLID
Change propagation
Automatically modify schemas from changes introduced in the domain ontology.
Deriving schemas
Derive one schema from another, but try to propagate changes if the source schema changes.


XML Schema, XSD between XML and RDF-XML
CSV Schema, CSVW
SPARQL query for structures mapped to ontologies
Conceptual model images
DocumentationOnly tailored for our use-case
OpenAPI specification


Czech Semantic Government Vocabulary
RDFS/OWL⚒ (Has some bugs)
Support for LOV
Enterprise Architect