Demo site ⚡

Please be aware that any changes made in the demo may be removed at any time. Also, please do not interact with others’ work. Create your data specifications.

Brief tutorial

  1. Create a specification.
  2. Choose a source for a conceptual model at the bottom of the page with the detail of your specification.
  3. Create a new data structure.
  4. Insert a root element by searching its name.
  5. Insert child elements by clicking on the plus sign next to the element, and edit existing elements.
  6. Generate a single artifact directly from the editor page or go to the detail and generate everything.

What to try

If you decide to use slovní as the conceptual model source, you can search, for example:

  • Tourist destination
  • Natural Person
  • Thing

You can try our demo RDF vocabularies which are read directly from GitHub. This feature is experimental and currently very slow.

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