A tool for the management of data structures.

Dataspecer is a tool for the management and modeling of data structures. The structures may be mapped to user-provided ontologies and exported into various formats.

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Your domain ontology
to data schemas easily

Use your own domain ontology to easily create data schemas in different formats such as XML, JSON, CSV. All this without the need to write any code. The tool understands the structure of your data and suggests the correct entities to use.

With data transformations,
documentation, plantUML,
diagrams, and more...

We intend to create a tool that can generate transformation scripts converting data between different data schemas and serialization technologies, generate Bikeshed documentation with examples, images, and descriptions, small webapps working with the data, and many other things.

Presented as a demo at ESWC 2022

Our paper "DataSpecer: A Model-Driven Approach to Managing Data Specifications" was presented at the ESWC 2022 conference.

Already used in Czechia

The tool is tested and in use by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic to create recommendations for publishing open data based on the Semantic Government Vocabulary (SGOV).

Actively developed at Charles University ⚡

We have a group of active researchers/developers at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, who are involved in the development of the tool.